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Vegan Decorative Flat

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Comfortable and versatile, this adorable flat is perfect when worn with either jeans or a skirt. A canvas upper shimmers delicately with interwoven gold thread proving that this shoe deserves inclusion in your wardrobe.

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Featuring a charming arrangement of pleather flowers, accented with jeweled studs – this shoe is a firm favorite with everyone at Vegetarian Shoes and Bags. (Product# 68027 - FITA 01)

  • Versatile Shoe
  • Slightly raised heel
  • Textured outsole
  • Canvas upper
  • Fun and versatile

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User Reviews

Sheryl from Saint Paul, Minnesota wrote:
4 stars I bought these shoes for my wedding day and was pleased. They are cute, comfortable (mostly), and quite affordable. The pleather flowers are funkier than they appear in the photo. The only fault I can identify is that the soles are very thin, therefore you feel what's on the ground almost as though you have bare feet. This is just fine for smooth surfaces, but if you're planning on walking on pebbles or gravel or other rough surfaces for any duration, you may not be very comfortable.
Posted on 2/17/2008

Andrea Knezevic from Ithaca, NY wrote:
4 stars This is a great shoe, very comfortable and very cute... It is not very durable - I wore mine out after wearing them everyday for a summer (I walked a lot) but for the price it was definitely worth it!! I am considering getting another pair.
Posted on 2/15/2008

Brittany from Boston, MA wrote:
5 stars These are the cutest shoes I have ever owned. They are a little snug though.
Posted on 2/15/2008

Julie Lehman from Reston VA wrote:
5 stars Great, comfortable, stylish shoe! Also, the perfect shade of green to meet my needs. Two thumbs up!
Posted on 2/14/2008