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You don't eat 'em so why wear them? - a lot of people who follow the vegan diet and vegan lifestyle face difficulty in selecting vegan footwear - shoes and boots that contain no animal products. Fortunately, we feel the same way; every shoe we sell is checked for animal products, so feel free to browse our selection of non-leather shoes.

Vegan Chic ™

Purveyors of vegan shoes, vegan boots, and vegan bags. We strive, everyday, to bring you a massive line of stylish and practical animal- friendly shoes, bags and apparel. We believe that in doing so we reinforce our belief that consumers can "look fierce without being cruel." We believe our name 'Vegan Chic' illustrates our core belief that you can be vegan and still be fashionable and glamorous. We hope to bring you, not only great vegan shoes and vegan bags, but the widest possible selection of vegan apparel.

So, whether you're looking to strut your stuff in vegan boots, vegan shoes, vegan pumps, vegan clogs, or vegan sandals, you have found the vegan store for you. Gone are the days of heartbreak when you spotted your dream shoes in a store window only to find they were made of leather or had leather soles. This is a compassionate vegetarian's shopping paradise! Welcome to fear-free browsing. In just a few clicks, you'll find every shoe style that fits your need, being assured they are completely vegan shoes. ?WE do all the checking for you. Our shoes do not contain leather, suede, wool or silk.

Vegan Bags

A bag is an integral part of your vegan lifestyle, checked for cruelty- free, animal friendly materials (hemp, pleather, cotton), you can search our site for a wide variety of bags. Choose between vegan handbags, ladies bags, clutch bags, tote bags, shoulder bags all in vegan materials and all at your favorite Vegan Store. We even offer a free organic cotton shopping bag with every purchase. Check out our choice vegan wallets, belts and apparel too.

Waived Shipping

Vegan Chic are proud to announce that we're offering Waived Shipping on domestic orders over $120 shipping within the contiguous United States.

Easy Returns

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Vegan Chic will be happy to make an exchange or refund your credit card for any purchase that you are not 100% satisfied with, within 30 days of the ship date of any unworn/ unused items.

Cruelty Free

We are committed to providing our customers with animal friendly footwear and accessories. All our inventory is meticulously inspected for leather, wool, silk or other animal-derived materials.


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