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Vegan Ankle Boot - Kaveri by Neuaura

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We’re delighted to present this awesome Vegan Ankle Boot from Neuaura. Presented in Gray and Black, this eminently wearable vegan boot is perfect for walking, offering comfortable and soft pleather, great build quality, and lightweight but effective insulation for all weathers.

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Sourced, and constructed in the mountains of Brazil using fair labor practices, these great boots hail from Neuaura, who are committed to animal and humanitarian causes – and provide exclusive boutique-style footwear as can be evidenced here.

Featuring a realistic, gorgeous pleather, you’ll love the build quality offered by these boots. Boasting a fashionable design, and impressive hardware, these boots are unbelievably comfortable to wear, and feature beautiful stitching and an irresistibly soft lining.

(Product#68387 - Kaveri)

  • Vegan Ankle Boot
  • Perfect for walking
  • Adjustable buckle at the back
  • Bright hardware
  • Great build quality - highly durable
  • Manufactured in the mountains of Brazil
  • Light insulation
  • Gray model comes with beautiful plaid lining
  • Slightly rounded toe
  • Boutique, exclusive looks
  • Realistic, tactile gorgeous pleather
  • Beautiful stitching
  • Sophisticated and practical
  • Rounded outsole
  • Slight (1/2 inch) heel for added comfort.

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Neuaura provide uncompromising fashion footwear of the highest build quality and possessed of impressive style and elegance. If you’re looking for a vegan shoe that’s durable and fashionable, then look no further. Neuaura are committed to aligning themselves with animal-friendly companies and suppliers, and providing vegan footwear to the vegan and vegetarian consumer.

Boasting excellent vegan credentials and knockout-looks – Neuaura shoes will give you an exclusive look, making you the envy of your vegan friends.