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Metallic Glamorous Flat

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Presenting this dazzling vegan flat from Neuaura – a stylish shoe offering sumptuous comfort and stunning, unique looks. The soft, vegan upper folds delicately at the front above the peep-toe, and exposes the inside of the foot, and the microfiber footbed is velvety-soft.

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Simply-put, this shoe possesses breathtaking looks, and comes from Neuaura – providers of exclusively animal-friendly, high-fashion footwear built to the highest standards. So pretty, this shoe is glamorous and comfortable – suitable for an evening engagement or in a more casual setting. Very impressive.

(Product#68188 - Swan)

  • Elegant, well-built flat
  • Beautiful soft metallic finish
  • Textured, lightweigth pleather
  • Contrasting, soft microfiber pedbad
  • Ultra-Comfortable, ultra-soft upper
  • Contoured upper, with inside of the foot showing.
  • Great with jeans or skirt.
  • Beautiful

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Neuaura provide uncompromising fashion footwear of the highest build quality and possessed of impressive style and elegance. If you’re looking for a vegan shoe that’s durable and fashionable, then look no further. Neuaura are committed to aligning themselves with animal-friendly companies and suppliers, and providing vegan footwear to the vegan and vegetarian consumer.

Boasting excellent vegan credentials and knockout-looks – Neuaura shoes will give you an exclusive look, making you the envy of your vegan friends.

User Reviews

Kathleen from Canada wrote:
4 stars These shoes are beautiful, but alas, they don't fit my feet properly. The width is good but they are quite long; my feet feel too short for them. So the bright side is, if you have long skinny feet, you may have finally found a gorgeous pair of peep-toe flats where your toes don't hang off the end! Yay! For me though, they just don't quite work.
Posted on 6/17/2009