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Men's Vegan Sneaker - Tuba Hemp by Simple

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You’ll love these gorgeous hemp men’s sneakers. Available in Black/Olive and Black/Tan – these shoes feature a veritable bounty of recycled materials, from the recycled car tire on the outsole to the laces that are constructed from recycled plastic bottles, to the heel and toecap constructed from recycled bicycle inner tubes. You’ll love the comfortable and breathable hemp material on the upper, as well as the organic cotton linings.

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The footbed provides astounding comfort – constructed from extremely pliable polyurethane and recycled car tire mix, these shoes provide great support. We love wearing these shoes everywhere, from the beach to the park to the store. A great shoe!

(Product#68381 – Tuba Hemp)

  • Environmentally-friendly hemp shoe
  • Attractive sneaker
  • Plaid-patterned lining
  • 100% Vegan Shoe using water-based glue
  • Heel and toecap are made from recycled bicycle inner tubes.
  • Organic cotton lining
  • Foodbed constructed from recycled car tire.
  • The outsole (the bottom of the shoe) is constructed from a recycled car tire.
  • Extraordinarily comfortable.
  • Sturdy laces made from PET (recycled plastic bottles)

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Simple Shoes

Simple Shoes

Based out of sunny Santa Barbara Simple Shoes have a strong environmental message that is ripe for our times. They produce shoes manufactured from environmentally sustainable materials – giving your footwear a comfortable guilt-free feeling all day long.

Simple Shoes’ ‘Green Toe’ line of shoes realizes their commitment to environmental sustainability. With footwear constructed from hemp, jute, bamboo, crepe and cork and on occasion, recycled car treads and coming in 100% post-consumer recycled shoe boxes, this Vegan Footwear is perfect for the Vegetarian Shoes and Bags Customer.

Simple Shoes also maintain tough contracts with the factories used to make their footwear to control labor conditions, outsourcing and quality.

User Reviews

Pierre Holsted from NO wrote:
5 stars Bought these back in June, so glad I did. Cool hemp material, and natural rubber on the cap. Comfortable, and environmentally friendly. My favorite shoes. period.
Posted on 7/13/2009

VernonW from NY, NY wrote:
4 stars Oh, boy - I was looking for these everywhere, and they showed up on this site. It was my first shopping experience with Vegan Chic, and I was delighted. They arrived in 2 days from California, and they shipped the same day. The shoes are wicked-good, they are, by far the comfiest shoes I own, and they're considerably improved over my old sneaks. I'm heavily into the whole environment thing, and I'm delighted to wear such a quality shoe that's environmentally friendly and totally 'me'.
Posted on 6/14/2009

Derek H from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
5 stars I got these the second I saw them - they were shipped promptly (same day), and they arrived the following day !!! - I opted for the Black/ Tan version. They fit well, sizing is accurate. They're cool and comfortable to wear - the hemp is substantial and comfortable. I love these shoes, and I'm buying another pair for my brother for Father's Day!
Posted on 6/14/2009