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Men's Vegan Boot

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You’ll love the Men’s Vegan Boot from Vegan Chic. Provided in lightweight pleather, and featuring attractive stitching and a cushioned pedbed, this vegan men’s boot is 100% Vegan and Animal-friendly.

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Affordable and comfortable, these boots provide support around the ankle, and could easily be appropriate office-wear. The pleather is textured and supple, and the outsole provides traction support due to the heavily textured material.

(Product#68386 - 50659)

  • No steel-toe
  • Leightweight 14 ounces - (on a size 8 shoe)
  • Textured pleather
  • Traction support offered by textured outsole
  • Pleather lining
  • 100% Synthetic - Animal-free!
  • Velcroe-secured pocket on outside of the shoe
  • Attractive stitching
  • Cushioning support around the ankle
  • Work appropriate vegan demi-boot
  • Cushioned pedbed

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