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Chukka QT Designer Sneaker by Unstitched

$125.00  $79.99

Head out on a road trip with the latest creation to hit the streets.


Unstitched Utilities pays homage to the old school while making it completely their own. The textures and style take this classic look down new roads on a trip into the future of footwear.

Unstitched Utilities blends social consciousness and couture to create shoes that demonstrate your commitment to style and your values.

Unstitched Utilities crafts these designer sneakers using eco-friendly recycled Tyvek, from reclaimed rice bags, that are refashioned into flashspun high-density fibers. More durable than leather, this vegan friendly material will last and last making this an amazing pair of shoes. Plus, it re-directs a large amount of waste from the landfill. This American brand is a fashion forward, eco-friendly, vegan and truly sustainable company. We love that and know you will too.

(Product#80306 - Chukka QT Casual Turn Down)

  • Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free materials
  • Added details on the sole, quilted upper and recycled Tyvek Toe
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Fashion Forward
  • American Company with a commitment to sustainable style

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Unstitched Utilities

Unstitched Utilities