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Brion - Men's Vegan Dress Shoe from Earth

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Vegetarian Shoes and Bags are proud to present the Brion Vegan Men’s Dress Shoe from Earth Shoes. Offering outstanding comfort and looks, the Brion is the perfect shoe for daily professional use, or for special occasions. Your friends will be astonished to find the pleather isn’t actually leather – it’s soft, supple and textured; offering breathability and comfort, this is a shoe that you don’t want to pass you by.

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The inner is lined with perforated pleather, and the collar is reinforced with padding for a comfortable fit. The Kalso negative-heel is a great addition to the design of this shoe – promoting excellent posture: (read more about the Kalsø® Negative Heel® here ).

So if you’re looking for a stylish, extra-comfortable dress shoe, the Brion is almost certainly worthy of your very serious consideration. Highly recommended.

(Product#68224 - Brion)

  • Realistic Pleather
  • Soft and comfortable pedbed
  • Negative heel for improved posture
  • Stylish and professional
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Premium vegan casual shoe.

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Earth Shoes

Earth Shoes

Earth Shoes’ Vegan Line features some of the highest quality vegan shoes and boots we’ve seen. A family owned and operated company with a zeal for healthy living – their shoes reflect this passion. Their shoes are manufactured in China – and they insist on a high standard of pay and conditions for their workers.

Earth Shoes feature the Negative Heel technology, derived from the Yoga master Anne Kalso to enhance posture – encouraging your shoulders to roll back, your spine and pelvis to align correctly and, anecdotally, to improve breathing and back pain. Each footbed features excellent arch support and is constructed with Gelron2000 – Earth’s advanced EVA urethane compound that actually fits the shape of your foot.

Earth Shoes’ Vegan Line is certified by the Vegan Society – so, as with all shoes available on Vegetarian Shoes and Bags, you’re buying 100% Animal-Free Footwear.

User Reviews

Mickey Slimp from Tyler, TX wrote:
5 stars Amazing shoe. I've been wearing a customized orthopedic insole that has been dedicated to other shoes now. At $400 a pop for the insoles, these are a real bargain. Also, they're the closest thing to a dress shoe sneaker you'll find. They look okay with most suits and, short of a tux, you can get away with it! Much more breathable than other pleather products I've used - had to wonder if it was a new synthetic I hadn't heard of. Just wished they kept more sizes and colors in stock!
Posted on 6/4/2010