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A vegan lifestyle? You've got it. Living a vegan lifestyle doesn't mean giving up on “a good thing,” as many non-vegans will tend to quote, either directly or indirectly. Choosing a vegan lifestyle simply means making adjustments to live in what many vegans feel to be a more peaceful state of mind.

So why go vegan, and why try a vegan lifestyle? We feel there are five important reasons.

There's no reason to get violent. While not all vegans are in it for this reason, most question why they should eat animals when there's plenty of plants. A vegan lifestyle has so many options today, and delicious products and recipes pepper our market (no pun intended). It's easier than even to shop for vegan foods, and even economical when you consider the price of buying groceries for a carnivorous diet. If we can avoid killing animals by putting food on the table from other sources, then we promote life and living, not mass reproduction of animals in factory farms, for example. Save a tree. Environmental veganism is definitely in existence, and may vegans take on an animal-free diet and a vegan lifestyle in order to do their part in preserving our environment. According to Vegan Outreach, livestock plays a major role in global warming, being responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2 equivalent. Not only is this higher than transportation emissions, but there are other factors that come into play as well. Livestock are also responsible for 64 percent of anthropogenic ammonia emissions that contribute to acid rain and acidification of precious ecosystems. Go vegan and you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Trim down. A high fat, animal-based diet can definitely add excess pounds, even baggage, to the average human body. By choosing a vegan lifestyle, focusing on a low fat, high fiber diet that is based on consumption of plant based foods, watch the mirror and see those pounds melt away, slowly but surely. Get healthy. By focusing on a vegan diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein-rich legumes and good fats, you'll be thrilled with the reports and blood work results from your next physician's visit. A healthy, well balanced vegan diet helps with maintaining cholesterol levels, weight and a strong, healthy heart. Live longer. With all of these factors into consideration, a vegan diet and a vegan lifestyle guarantees us a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle promotes longevity. Additionally, rich antioxidants commonly present in a vegan diet are a definite plus as well.

At Vegan Chic, we promote a vegan lifestyle, but diet is only the beginning. We promote veganism and environmentalism through our actions as well, and all of our products at are 100% vegan, free of animal products, so you can wear and enjoy them with confidence, knowing that you're choosing healthy products for a vegan lifestyle.