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A concern of many vegan individuals is having to sacrifice fashion and style when choosing great vegan footwear. Because true vegan footwear can be difficult to find, especially with many adhesives containing animal products, making an otherwise vegan shoe a nonvegan product, be assured that all shoes and boots at Vegan Chic 100 percent vegan in nature. Additionally, Vegan Chic’ product line contains some of the best footwear to be found when it comes to fashion and style.

Fashion and style are plentiful at Vegan Chic, not only in footwear, but also in accessories.Vegan Chic believes that the best fashion and style are found by coupling a great pair of shoes or boots with a just-as-fabulous bag, purse, belt or wallet. Colors and styles are available to match almost any type of their vegetarian footwear, creating a fantastic fashion and style, both for casual and dress.

While Vegan Chic carefully researches each manufacturer that they use for their extensive product line, they also select the types of shoes to offer great fashion and style options to their customers. Vegan Chic carries a wide array of casual shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, boots, evening shoes, dress shoes, clogs, flip-flops, Mary Janes, and pumps, providing fashion and style no matter what the occasion. Shoes are offered for both men and women in a range of sizes perfect for even the hard-to-fit foot, and Vegan Chic carries brands that include:

Earth, with their exclusive KALSO® negative heel technology for premium comfort and spinal support;

Simple, offering casual, versatile comfort using organic and recycled materials;

Ecolution, purveyor of some of the finest hemp shoes around, and committed to fair trade and ethical work practices;

CL by Laundry, carrying gorgeous styles of casual and casual dress shoes; and

Punk Rose, creator of unique and trendy vegan shoe styles.

These brand names and more are all available in many different styles and sizes, and all are completely vegan in nature, offering great fashion and style to any wardrobe.