Vegan Sale - Reduced pricing on loads of your Vegan Favorites.

Sent 2/3/2008. Click here to go back to list of Past Newsletters

Hi there

We're offering reduced pricing on vegan boots, men's shoes, vegan handbags, and vegan shoes this coming week**.

Shop Vegetarian Shoes and Bags, where we're making your vegan favorites even more affordable. Try 2 pairs instead of just the one, or buy something new, or stock up on your favorite work shoes, winter styles or a beautiful new vegan handbag.

Check for women's boots and shoes on sale in:
size 5, 5half, 6, 6half, 7, 7half, 8, 8half, 9, 9half, and 10

Check for men's boots and shoes on sale in:
size 7, 7half, 8, 8half, 9, 9half, 10, 10half, 11 and 12

Don't forget Free Shipping is still offered on domestic (Continental U.S.) orders over $75*, and all our shoes and bags are always 100% Vegan.

Kind regards

Your friends at Vegetarian Shoes and Bags