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Vegan Dress Boot - Thames by Neuaura

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We’re delighted to present this fantastic Vegan dress boot – the “Thames” by Neuaura. Made in the mountains of Brazil, and sourced from Neuaura, a premiere Animal-Friendly footwear manufacturer, this Vegan Boot is notable for it’s fantastic, boutique-style looks, impressive construction and for it’s superb comfort.

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Constructed from Synthetic Tumbled leather, this vegan boot exudes a classy and casual look, perfect for daily use, walking, work and for the weekend. Made of the highest quality – you certainly be the envy of your veggie and non-veggie friends alike.

Boasting fantastic looks, a gorgeous pleather finish, and impressive hardware, these boots are unbelievably comfortable to wear.

Sourced, and constructed in the mountains of Brazil using fair labor practices, these great boots hail from Neuaura, who are committed to animal and humanitarian causes – and provide exclusive boutique-style footwear as can be evidenced here.

(Product#68388 - Thames)

  • 3 inch heel
  • Vegan Dress Boot
  • Synthetic Tumbled leather finish provides a texture that exudes a classy, but casual look.
  • Insulated with a soft, gorgeous lining. These shoes are perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Stitching is gorgeous, and the shoe is made the highest standards.
  • Made in the mountains of Brazil.
  • These are made to the highest fair-labor practices.
  • Full-length zipper on the inside of the boot, provides ease of entry.
  • Walking in this heel is comfortable and easy.
  • Gorgeous, realistic pleather.
  • Animal friendly.

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Neuaura provide uncompromising fashion footwear of the highest build quality and possessed of impressive style and elegance. If you’re looking for a vegan shoe that’s durable and fashionable, then look no further. Neuaura are committed to aligning themselves with animal-friendly companies and suppliers, and providing vegan footwear to the vegan and vegetarian consumer.

Boasting excellent vegan credentials and knockout-looks – Neuaura shoes will give you an exclusive look, making you the envy of your vegan friends.

User Reviews

Sandra from Sandy Springs Geogia wrote:
5 stars They are so beautiful!!
Posted on 9/30/2009