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Vegan Casual Shoe - Mistletoe by Simple

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You’ll love these excellent vegan Mary Janes from Earth. Elegant and stylish, these environmentally-friendly shoes are constructed variously from organic cotton, jute, bamboo, and a recycled car tire. The footbed is luxuriant, with gorgeous padding and soft bamboo lining for unparalleled comfort.

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An impressive shoe, this vegan mary jane features gorgeous detailing and stitching on the upper and has a slight wedge for comfort while walking. You’ll love the design, the comfort and the environmental credentials of this shoe; we find them to be really eye-catching when you’re out-and-about. A staff favorite here, we highly recommend the Misteltoe.

(Product#68377 - Mistletoe)

  • Topsoles constructed with organic cotton
  • 100% water-based cements
  • Slight bamboo wedge on the heel for comfort.
  • Mary Jane stylings
  • Outsole constructed with recycled car tire
  • Green Toe™ line of Simple Shoes
  • Constructed with organic cotton eyelet uppers
  • Gorgeous, soft bamboo lining
  • Midsole constructed with attractive, and environmentally-friendly jute braid
  • Constructed with natural latex and cork footbed

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Simple Shoes

Simple Shoes

Based out of sunny Santa Barbara Simple Shoes have a strong environmental message that is ripe for our times. They produce shoes manufactured from environmentally sustainable materials – giving your footwear a comfortable guilt-free feeling all day long.

Simple Shoes’ ‘Green Toe’ line of shoes realizes their commitment to environmental sustainability. With footwear constructed from hemp, jute, bamboo, crepe and cork and on occasion, recycled car treads and coming in 100% post-consumer recycled shoe boxes, this Vegan Footwear is perfect for the Vegetarian Shoes and Bags Customer.

Simple Shoes also maintain tough contracts with the factories used to make their footwear to control labor conditions, outsourcing and quality.

User Reviews

J.Barras from Chicago, IL wrote:
5 stars Love this shoe - I just got it on sale - it arrived promptly, and it fit really well. What you can't really tell from the picture is the cool little bamboo heel - it gives this casual shoe a little more lift than the other Simple Shoes in this range. Anyway - I love these shoes - you can't get them cheaper anywehre else.
Posted on 6/18/2009

Patti from Detroit, MI wrote:
5 stars Love, love, love my Mistletoe - they have a good solid 1/2 inch heel, making a 20 minute walk comfortable. I get comments and looks all the time too. Love 'em
Posted on 5/30/2009