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Unique Sandal by Grendha


One of the best perks of warmer weather is definitely the footwear options: like these black sandals from Grendha! This design has a upper and synthetic sole. These shoes are irresistible with their synthetic insole and comfortable synthetic lining! We love their look and feminine style. MATERIALS


Designed and made to the highest standards in Brazil, Grendha sandals are in touch with a relaxed lifestyle without loosing the stylish edge for which it has become synonymous. Beautiful, elegant and modern describe the stunning collection for the summer. Classic silhouettes are given a stylish twist with sandals and wedges that glisten by th pool during the day, and shimmer throughout the night. Exotic, relaxed, comfortable, light and stylish - your feet will thank you.

Manufactured by Grenadine -Brazil's most forward thinking footwear company, all products are designed and produced to reflect the brand's strong sustainability program. All Grandha footwear is 100% recyclable and doesn't contain any animal products - beauty for your feet and also for the planet.

(Product#80840- Unique Sandal)

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