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Tulikum Belt by Truth


Hi! I am one of the most unique vegan belts on this site! For starters, my name is so cool – Tilikum, named after a killer whale stolen from the ocean by Sea World when he was just a baby. My name, Tilikum is stamped on my inside layer, which happens to be red. But only the one who wears me will know that, as the red layer is not visible from the outside. My middle layer is made from recycled car tires. My top layer is black and is made from polyurethane. My buckle is special because it’s designed in such a way that the end of the strap is hidden, making my front flat. My buckle has a brushed gun metal finish. My look is subtle and contemporary. Not only am I animal friendly but I am also environmentally friendly. If you do decide to order me, be sure to check out the sizing chart so you order the right size.


The Environmental Aspect The inside layer is made with recycled car tires which is great news for Mother Nature. When car tires are retired, they are either burnt or put into landfills. This is horrible for the environment. Whales are highly intelligent creatures. My hope in naming this belt Tilikum is to raise awareness on the “stealing baby whales from the ocean for money making reasons” issue, and to propel people to consider our relationship to nature. As humans, we are after all, part of nature. With over 21 million views since the documentary Blackfish came out, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite continues to raise awareness. Check out an interview with Gabriela here, taken one year after the release of her informative and inspiring documentary. .

(Product#69014 - Tulikum by Truth

  • Fair Labor Produced
  • Sustainable
  • Belt width: 1 3/8"
  • 100% Vegan
  • Environment Friendly
  • Made in Canada

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