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Ninja Sprint Sneaker by UT Lab


Designed with efficiency and minimalism in mind, the Ninja Sprint uses microfiber to create shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. The EVA sole offers a reliable grip to these trendy yet classic shoes.


UT Lab was started because 3 individuals were bold enough to dream big. In every piece of footwear they create they reflect three principles: innovate, collaborate, and inspire. UT Lab’s shoes are built from a variety of unique materials for incredible lightweight comfort.

UT LAB'S “SOFT-TOUCH” MICROFIBER: This microfiber is similar to cleaning cloths used for delicate surfaces like lenses. Using a special type of microfiber that is non-split and flash spun, this microfiber optimizes comfort, form, durability and quick-dry properties.

LEATHER-GRADE MICROFIBER AND CREATURE-CONSCIOUS: This microfiber has been specially produced to replicate—and in some aspects improve on— the performance of traditional boot leather. A lighter, more durable, and of course a creature-conscious material.

THE LOOK & FEEL OF LEATHER: the use of “leather-grade” microfiber allows us to also provide the look and feel of leather without using animal‐derived materials.

IMPOSSIBLY LIGHT AND INCREDIBLY STRONG INSOLE: UT Lab shoes come equipped with an athletic-inspired poliyou insole that provides a natural feeling and it is antimicrobial and anti-odor.

QUICK DRY TECHNOLOGY: “Soft-Touch” microfiber is susceptible to rain and water, but the flash-spun nature of our microfiber provides an initial light-barrier to water penetration, while also promoting a faster dry-time.

TEVEK: incredibly thin. impossibly strong. The UT LAB uses the highest grade of Tyvek® available. Tyvek® is a synthetic material that was "discovered" by Dupont™ in the 1950's and commercialized in the 60's. It looks and feels like paper, but is actually a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers. Imagine it as hair-like strands (0.5–10 µm) that have been spun together and then heated at extreme temperatures that proves to be an awesome barrier to liquids, while simultaneously being highly breathable.

PRE-WRINKLED FOR COMFORT: because 1082d Tyvek is fairly stiff, our team manipulates each piece of footwear by hand prior to lasting to promote a more comfortable wear pattern.

STRENGTH: These shoes have an amazing strength tolerance that prevents tearing and day-to-day abrasion. UT Labs has designed a printing application that allows us to preserve the color integrity of their shoes after real world wear and tear of sun, rain, and the tumbling of your washer and dryer.

(Product#80390 - Ninja Sprint Sneaker)

  • Creature Conscious: no animal materials
  • Ideal for Prolonged Athletic Activity
  • Water-Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Upper made of Soft-Touch Microfiber
  • 130 grams per shoe
  • Poliyou, Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor Removable Insoles
  • Foam Rubber Outsole providing impressive durability

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