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Mr Vegan Women's Boot by Risorse Future


These laced derbies are the best in terms of water resistance, and are also real tanks. Indeed, this is the name given to the finishing touches of the soles, which – as one would imagine given the name – is highly resistant to scrapes and slips, in addition to its isolation from temperature variations and shocks from the terrain. The cotton lining, together with the soft inner padding in natural foamed rubber wraps up and protects the foot, while the outer part in 100% vegan synthetic fabric ensures the derbies will be waterproof in all situations. The end result is a strong, flexible and comfortable shoe.


Vegan shoes - green style for men and women, without any fabric of animal origin! Our products are not only cruelty-free, they are also environment-friendly and sustainable, and are made by craftsmen from the Marches region - the homeland of trendy shoes Made in Italy - using only vegetable materials.

(Product#81104 Mr Vegan Women Boot)

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