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Matthew Casual Oxford by Bourgeois Boheme


Traditional British Brogues with BoBo's unique twist featuring subtle asymmetrical design and lotus punch detail. Heel measures approximately 2cm with a natural latex insole for extra comfort. Handcrafted in Portugal.


Bourgeois Boheme is run with an ethical business model that aims to facilitate an attitude of compassion towards humans, animals and the environment. No animal products are used in our production and we use the finest quality Italian faux leathers and eco-friendly natural materials. BoBo’s footwear ranges are created in Portugal in handpicked factories that have been personally visited by BoBo. We aim to inspire people to live more ethically and share in our passion. IT’S COOL TO BE KIND You don’t need to be vegan to appreciate non-animal fashion, and we’re certainly not here to lecture you in ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The facts speak for themselves and the eco-friendly materials and processes available show that there’s a far more innovative, desirable option. The impact of leather production Beneath leather’s smooth and shiny surface, there’s a less attractive story. The tanning process used to preserve animals’ skin is also one of the most toxic in the world, using huge quantities of chemicals and heavy metals that pollute air, soil and water. We’re talking chrome, lead, zinc, formaldehyde, dyes and cyanide-based chemicals which are carcinogenic, can be fatal and cause cancer, birth defects and blindness. An estimated 225 environmental and health damaging chemicals are used in leather production, most of which are banned in the EU. Farming & agriculture Animal agriculture is seriously damaging our environment. It uses 70% of the world's fresh water and a third of its land surface, while the intensive production of animal skins isn’t just responsible for the deaths of workers involved in leather production (mostly in third world countries) and the deaths of animals, it’s polluting vast swathes of the planet – and just isn’t sustainable, justifiable or necessary.

(Product#80720 - Matthew Casual Oxford)

  • High Quality Italian Faux Leather
  • Heel measures approximately 1"
  • Natural latex insole for extra comfort
  • Lotus punch detail.
  • Handcrafted in Portugal

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