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Kid's sneaker by Draven

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How adorable are the kid’s vegan high-tops from Draven! With a skull & crossbones motif on the side, and daring, accented stripes, this vegan kid’s sneaker is delightful.

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Featuring a pleather upper, cushioning on the footbed and great looks – they make the perfect footwear for your child, or a gift for a friend or relative.


  • Cute kid's sneakers
  • Skull & crossbones motif on side
  • cushioning on pedbed
  • 10 hole high-tops
  • 2-tone design
  • Pleather upper

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Purveyors of fashionable and up-to-the-minute styles, Draven offer street-oriented style for the animal-friendly crowd – their shoes are 100% vegan – animal free.

If you’re looking for fresh, youthful, and funky footwear that’s tons of fun, and looks great, Draven offer footwear tailored to your best animal-friendly sensibilities – this is a brand you should check out.