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GT Janie Vegan Kid Shoe - from Simple ( 7-12 yrs )

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Presenting the GT Janie from Simple Shoes – a great vegan kid’s shoe – perfect for a trip to the beach or the park. These shoes are tough, able to withstand the punishment kids are guaranteed to dish out, and are absolutely gorgeous. Constructed using a hemp upper, and using a bamboo lining for softness and comfort, they also feature a recycled car tire for the outsole.

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Simple Shoe’s core mission is to provide environmentally sound footwear and bags – and they’ve succeeded with these adorable GT Janies. They look great and are very comfortable. Give the kids in your life a fun and adorable pair of these shoes - they make a great gift for your niece or nephew, or your own. You could even pick out your own pair of matching GT Janes Highly recommended.

(Product#68216 – GT Janie)

You can read about Simple Shoes environmental mission here

  • Durable Hemp Upper
  • Buttons made from coconut
  • Great vegan kid's shoe
  • Constructed using water-based cements
  • Great construction and durability
  • Contains LATEX
  • Bamboo lining
  • Outsole is constructed form Recycled car tire
  • Awesome for kids who like to play outside.
  • Perfect for a trip to the beach or the park

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Simple Shoes

Simple Shoes

Based out of sunny Santa Barbara Simple Shoes have a strong environmental message that is ripe for our times. They produce shoes manufactured from environmentally sustainable materials – giving your footwear a comfortable guilt-free feeling all day long.

Simple Shoes’ ‘Green Toe’ line of shoes realizes their commitment to environmental sustainability. With footwear constructed from hemp, jute, bamboo, crepe and cork and on occasion, recycled car treads and coming in 100% post-consumer recycled shoe boxes, this Vegan Footwear is perfect for the Vegetarian Shoes and Bags Customer.

Simple Shoes also maintain tough contracts with the factories used to make their footwear to control labor conditions, outsourcing and quality.