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Fern Men's Walking Sandal by Regetta Canoe


What is different about this shoe?


BALANCED STANDING GESTURE RegettaCanoe shoes align the foot to grab the ground with whole sole, encouraging the use of the right muscles, and improving the standing gesture naturally.

IDEAL WALKING MOVEMENTS The scientific insole and outsole designs determine the most ideal way of walking movements.

FOOT CARE The perfect insole shape totally prevents the foot from rubbing against the insole.

REGETTACELL Technology Unique Features

SUPER LIGHT: Regular footwear comes in at 400 gras or above a pair, while REGETTACELL's micro-honeycomb structure is feather light and makes a pair of shoes simply 200 grams or less (selected products).

ABRASION RESISTANCE: While normal footwear experiences the tearing-out / wearing-out quickly, REGETTACELL contained extremely strong molecular bonds that do not break-down easily. REGETTACELL (selected formula) exceeds the abrasion resistance function of the natural rubber.

NANO TECHNOLOGY: The nano-level molecular structure of REGETTACELL (selected formula) provides the technical effect of touching smoothness and gives the silkiest fitting. It also provides the "QUICK DRY" function for footwear products.


INSOLE: Super Light , Shock Absorption, Anti-Microbial

MIDSOLE: Superlight, Support & Protection, Maximum Stability.

OUTSOLE: Super light, Slip Resistance, Abrasion Resistance.

ABSTAINING FROM THE USE OF ANIMAL PRODUCTS Veganism starts from refraining from consuming animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products, and other animal-derived substances. Gradually strict vegans not only follow a vegan diet, but extend the vegan philosophy into other areas of their lives, and oppose the use of animal products and animal-testing for any purpose.

USING NON-TOXIC VEGAN MATERIAL Contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution, RegettaCanoe has long been committed to responsible manufacturing that looks after the environment, animals and human being from the very beginning. VEGAN is a philosophy that RegettaCanoe deeply values.

EMBRACE THE VEGAN PHILOSOPHY In 2016 Spring/Summer, RegettaCanoe's new product will be implementing the VEGAN concept completely. VEGAN is not only a trend but also a social responsibility of the corporate members on earth.

(Product#80264- Fern Men's Walking Sandal )

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