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Dinkel Hemp Boot by Risorse Future


These anthracite hemp men’s boots – with a certified dye, respectful of nature – are resistant, warm and breathing, and it doesn’t stop here: every detail was studied to mix resistance, comfort and respect for nature. Nothing was left to chance in the making of these men’s boots, which are ideal for any outdoor activity. The soles are shaped to keep a constant grip to the terrain and are firmly sewn with the use of two different techniques: a classical seam in reinforced cotton and bonding with water-based glue. The padding around the ankle is completely natural: it is indeed made of spelt husk – detectable to the touch (feeling is believing!) – giving it a natural massage effect. Inside, the lining in warm cotton wraps up and protects the foot from the external environment and the removable Fußbett insole gives it an unprecedented comfort thanks to its incredible characteristics. This specific insole supports the entire foot arch and moreover fosters a correct posture for all activities thanks to its ergonomic shape with a soft specific raised part supporting the heel about ten millimetres higher than the foot’s sole. The special cotton lining with aloe vera and activated carbons has antibacterial properties, absorbs humidity and provides comfort to every part of the foot. Dinkel shoes are resistant, breathing on the outside and soft and warm on the inside thanks to the typical characteristics of hemp mixed with the properties and inner and outer details.


Vegan shoes - green style for men and women, without any fabric of animal origin! Our products are not only cruelty-free, they are also environment-friendly and sustainable, and are made by craftsmen from the Marches region - the homeland of trendy shoes Made in Italy - using only vegetable materials.

(Product#81107 Dinkel Hemp Boot

  • Inner lining in warm cotton
  • Soles in thermo-rubber
  • Upper in natural hemp
  • Vegetal padding around the ankle in spelt husk
  • Laces in cotton
  • Removable Fußbett insole in foamed natural rubber without additives and cotton with aloe and activated carbon
  • Sustainably Made
  • Made in Italy

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