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Deserto Hemp Boot by Risorse Future

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These ankle laced anthracite hemp shoes – with a certified dye, respectful of nature – are a must for any wardrobe because they can match any outfit and are adapted for all occasions. Indeed, it is no coincidence that they are very popular amongst our clients. Their distinctive feature is the so-called “ideal” outer lining, which guarantees stability and resistance as well as comfort, thanks to the padded foot straps and the crepe soles in natural rubber that can adapt to any terrain. The inner lining in cotton softly wraps up the foot, while the hemp used for the uppers guarantees the highest levels of natural breathability and very fast drying, making the Desertoperfect for all seasons.

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Vegan shoes - green style for men and women, without any fabric of animal origin! Our products are not only cruelty-free, they are also environment-friendly and sustainable, and are made by craftsmen from the Marches region - the homeland of trendy shoes Made in Italy - using only vegetable materials.

(Product#81104 Mr Vegan Women Boot)

  • Inner lining in cotton
  • Crepe soles in natural rubber without additives
  • Upper in natural hemp
  • Laces in cotton
  • Sustainably Made
  • Made in Italy

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