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Braided Summer II+Salinas Flip Flops by Melissa


A new version of our casual flip-flop combines Melissa’s creative identity with the beachgoing soul of Salinas. In partnership with this Rio based brand, we’re bringing you new colors of natural braids in our 100% cruelty free plastic. The insole still has the interlaced texture that helps transform this piece into a refreshing companion you’ll never want to take off.


The melissa shoe was born out of a love for where art, design, technology and sustainability meet. As each melissa shoe is non-leather, they will not degrade in weather or water and are completely suitable for vegans and animal rights supporters. Made in monitored Fair Labor factories in Brazil.

How melissa plastic shoes are changing the world melissa is a leading brand of the internationally acclaimed footwear manufacturer Grendene. The thermoplastic technology for melissa was developed exclusively by and for Grendene and is leading the way for sustainable practice for design, fashion and manufacturing.

(Product#81235 - Braided Summer ll + Salinas

  • Melissa shoes are like sweet treats for your feet. As well as looking absolutely gorgeous, they are:
  • 100% Vegan and Sustainable
  • Super comfortable
  • Sweet smelling – each infused with a delicious scent
  • The best technology of renewal
  • Cultural icons for contemporary living
  • Designed by the most exciting and innovative designers working today, across all fields, including furniture, jewellery and design
  • Fun, beautiful objects of desire
  • Objects of sustainable living
  • Made in monitored Fair Labor factories in Brazil
  • ** Please note, this style runs 1/2 to 1 size big. Order 1/2 to 1 size down from what you normally wear.

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