Vegan Chic

Vegan Materials

Please find our list of materials used in the construction of our shoes. Vegetarians and Vegans are resourceful in finding everything from the popular fake-leather - or pleather to Jute, Bamboo and Hemp - even a recycled tire tread is a common feature of our Simple line of Shoes.


Or industrial hemp - "..the most environmentally positive crop, improving soil quality as it grows. It requires no herbicides and is naturally resistant to insects, fungus, and other pests. " (source - Hemp grows rapidly in shallow ground, it's environmental impact is profoundly positive. Hemp also possesses anti-microbial properties, meaning that it acts on, and/or inhibits the growth of microbes such as fungus, viruses, parasites or bacteria. A hemp shoe is a great choice for folks looking for an environmentally responsible, durable and attractive shoe.


Grown mainly in Asia, jute is a strong, fast-growing plant (jute can be grown in 4-6 months) - a great natural material - it's 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Perfect for vegan shoes - it's breathable and natural. It's commercial application makes jute and it's cultivation important in the fight against deforestation. The comfortable and durable texture makes for a great natural material - perfect for shoes.


Renowned for it's antibacterial properties, this extremely soft fabric this fast-growing tree is a beneficial crop for the environment. The root system that bamboo establishes, protects the soil and ecosystems where it's grown, it's fast growing canopy is essential to carbon cycling, and it's 100% biodegradable and natural. Great for the environment and great for shoes.

Faux Leather or Pleather

Faux Leather or Pleather (Plastic Leather) is made of PU or Polyurethane, a synthetic material. It can be hand washed or wiped with a damp cloth to clean. If your mental images of synthetic leather include mostly un-breathable materials that crack and split, it's time to think again. Those kinds of fake leather are outdated, and rarely used these days. Higher quality synthetic leathers with a much more realistic look and feel are now available on the market, and many of them are being used to cover high quality products.

Faux Suede or Suedette

Made from synthetic suede cloth. Very soft to touch. It can be treated with a spray-on waterproofer to increase water resistance (this may darken some fabrics). Clean with damp cloth.

Stretch Fake Suede

This material is elasticized faux suede and ultrasoft. Breathable and very comfortable but not water-resistant. It can be treated with a spray-on waterproofer (this may darken some fabrics). Clean with warm soapy water.


A tightly woven effect that creates a fabric with a beautiful sheen on one side. Our satin is made from man-made fabrics such as polyester or rayon. Have professionally cleaned by a shoemaker as water may stain the fabric.


This lightweight fabric is tightly woven from a very fine polyester or nylon thread. Microfiber fabric is breathable and naturally water repellent due to its construction process. When specially treated, it can also be waterproof. Can be wiped with a damp cloth.